Easy Dot Print Adhesive

Easy Dot represents a new milestone in easy to install vinyl products. Its unique pattern of adhesive dots creates air channels that make installation and repositioning easier than ever. It’s ideal for retail and POP signage that is changed on a regular basis. It’s so easy to install that you don’t even need a squeegee, just your hand!

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Advantages / Special Features

  • Dot pattern adhesive creates air channels for easy application and repositioning.
  • Good flatness and printability.
  • Easy Dot Clear can be mirror printed for inside- mounted window installations.
  • Easy Dot Clear has a transparent, frosted appearance that lets light in, while obscuring details (can be used as a privacy barrier).
  • Durability of up to 2 years outdoors.
  • Recommended for indoor applications (can be used outdoors, but a small amount of shrinkage will occur).

Processing and Handling

  • Easily applied and removed from a wide variety of substrates.
  • Repositionable during installation without stretching the vinyl.
  • Application tape and/or lamination can be applied to Easy Dot to aid in installation.
  • If the liner is saved, Easy Dot can be removed and stored on the liner for later reinstallation. If the adhesive gets dirty, the vinyl will lose its strength, so take care to keep it clean.
  • Care should be used to avoid touching the adhesive to prevent fingerprints from showing when using Easy Dot Clear.
  • While easily removed from most surfaces, the adhesive is permanent and could damage some surfaces (like foam board or painted drywall). Application tests should be performed before installation on any surface that has not been previously tested.
  • Printable used Latex and UV inks.
  • The dot-pattern of the adhesive makes it possible to dry install with or without a squeegee.
  • Easy Dot can be laminated to add rigidity, protection or to change the gloss of the material. When laminating Easy Dot Matte with SEAL Print Shield® Standard UV Gloss, the slight pattern of dots created by the adhesive that is normally visible on the surface was no longer visible. Laminates add rigidity making the vinyl easier to install in larger sizes.
  • The adhesive dot pattern is small enough that it is not visible from more than 3 feet away.
  • Always roll graphics print-side out, with a diameter of 3” or greater, to prevent any tunneling in the vinyl.
  • Easy Dot can be contour cut; however, due to the dot pattern of the adhesive, smaller items may not adhere as expected.

Areas of Application

  • Short-term applications like trade shows and retail POP displays (graphics that will be removed or replaced frequently).
  • Window graphics (works equally well on glass, acrylic or polycarbonate).
  • A better alternative for static cling vinyl (it has better adhesion and durability and can be installed by a novice without bubbles.)
  • Privacy barrier (like frosted vinyl) when durability is not a concern, or when ease of removal is valued.
  • Rear projection screen (works well at night - daylight visibility depends on brightness of the projection used).
  • Easy Dot on vehicles – while we have used it in test applications, the long-term interaction with the car’s finish has not been thoroughly tested. Use is at your own risk1.


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